This time last month Kabillion Global Advisory published a four-part blog on current buying behaviours across policing so far this financial year (Months 1-5).

For September (month 6 of FY17/18) we have conducted a “deep-dive” into behaviours this month by way of a semi-qualitative & quantitative review, in order to provide an example month of activity – and in doing so have reviewed the YTD as we reach the half way point in the police financial year (17/18).

The key facts are available here;

Police Deals September ’17 & Analysis YTD Half Year FY1718 in pdf

In summary;

  • September has seen a dip in the number of deals (below average) as forces return from annual leave (where non-operational priorites over the leave period are often slipped and/or reduced)
  • The number of closed deals in September was 14, against a first 5-monthly average of 20/month.
  • The average value of deals closed in September was £1.060m, which is below the average for the first half year (£7.085m) and the average for months 1-5 of £7.924m.
  • This reflects the shift from a number of “large national framework deals” that were launched in the earlier months (pushing the deal-value-average up), to now deals by forces meeting their individual and/or regional/collaboration requirements (baseline run)
  • “Lincolnshire” and the “Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire Collaboration” continue to be strong in deal volumes in September with 3 deals closed for each in the month
  • Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have the biggest deal value, with their 2 deals in September costing £12.635m
  • Year-to-Date, the “Bedfordshire,Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire Collaboration” and “Leicestershire” are the biggest deal makers, with 17 closed deals to date, followed closely by Lincolnshire, with Sth Yorks, Derbyshire, MPS and GMP following behind.