In the final part of this 4-part blog, I look at which commercial organisations have strong existing footprints within various forces.

At Kabillion Global Advisory we continue to review which organisations have influence and which organisations it is important for any SME to be cognisant of if seeking to deliver within certain police forces.  With the average police force having over 173 different IT suppliers across the piste, we have here simply highlighted the main 3 to give a glimpse and understanding of size, scale, breadth and depth of influence.

In addition, we have highlighted which large scale primary suppliers are currently the top 10 in the UK.  We have included an idea of scale as well – as an indicator.  Using Capgemini as the benchmark, you can see that Capita, having 6x the revenue in policing, is well ahead with BT Group second.  We have also included a list of IT suppliers with growing influence on the police IT market and also have included the key-informer companies that SMEs should be aware of.

Finally, we havent included two main categories (Airwave and Home Office) who are the largest “providers” by revenue nationally, as that would skew the lists.  However, with companies like CGI and Unisys providing services to the Home Office that are “sold on” to forces – it is important to understand the commercial construct of alot of policing contracts, to really understand the level of influence some of these large suppliers have.  For example, whilst CGI and Unisys appear infrequently in indivdual force expenditure – their big national contracts with the Home Office, account not only for their presence in the top 10 suppliers nationally list, but also reflect their level of influence and impact across all forces.

Police Service Main Suppliers Informers and Influencers in pdf

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