In part 3 of this blog, we look at the number and value of existing police contracts that are reaching the end of their term, or indeed are subject to extensions or are out of contract.

In part 2 we looked at committed spends already identified and allocated in the forces medium-term-financial-plan.  Now, some of those commitments are to address, extend, renew or replace the contracts that we will identify today.  In many cases, the financing is distinct and separate.

As with the table yesterday, Kabillion Global Advisory have looked at every available contract for every force that has been published and made available and aggregated the numbers looking over the period until 2019/2020.  From that we have looked at the average number of contracts available to come to market over that period, and the average value.  Of course, should you wish to unpick the “actual contracts” underneath this data, we are of course happy to discuss.

What we simpy intend to do in this blog is to show (yet again) that every force is in a different position in their contractual cycle, and that there are some forces which would be of more value to SMEs than others.

For example, some forces have whole rafts of technology coming up for refreshment or replacement.  These include the early adopters who’s systems are now reaching 10 years old, as well as organisations who have built up a backlog of replacement and have delayed in technical refreshment programmes.

There are some forces who are mid-life-cycle of a great number of their product and so their requirements for this period are limited.  There are others who replace small and often, who keep well on top of replacements so never have significant requirements in any single year.

Finally, there are forces who have special relationships with prime contractors, SIAMs, Towers or client-side advisors which alter the picture of those forces.  Where these exist, in certain circumstances the information is not made available and in others the way it is grouped or shown does skew the story.  At Kabillion Global Advisory we are cognisant of these relationships, their impact and where they sit and can take them into account.

Indeed, in part 4 tomorrow, we look at who are the main commercial influencers in each force that as an SME you must be aware of and account for in your activity.

The summary of the contracts available for this period are as follows;

Kabillion Global Advsiory Contract Renewals for Policing FY17 to FY20 in pdf

Kabillion Global Advisory is happy to discuss the make-up of these top line figures.  To discuss this, or any other matter please do not hesitate to contact us on the webform on the website or by mail on