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Since 2008, members of Kabillion Global Advisory have been transforming public services across the globe. Focusing on ‘Policing’, ‘Justice’ and the ‘Rule of Law’, class-leading services have been designed and delivered across the UK, Europe and Asia, transforming outcomes, changing lives and making significant differences for the citizens and communities they serve.

This expertise and insight is now available to ‘Private’ and ‘Third Sector’ organisations providing or seeking to provide products, services and solutions into these traditionally public-sector environments.


To level the playing field for Small & Medium-size Enterprises operating or seeking to operate in the Policing & Justice space.

We will do this by providing a level of Subject Matter Expertise, Capacity, Capability, Knowledge and Insight that is usually solely the preserve of much larger organisations (with specialist inhouse teams), minus the excessive cost, overhead & sourcing challenges that come with having these capabilities on their payroll.

In doing so we seek to become the expert choice for private & third sector organisations looking to secure relationships & deliver excellent solutions in Policing, Justice & the ‘Rule of Law’.

Mission Statement

We will provide our customers with our unique insights, knowledge, experience and capabilities in Policing, Justice & the ‘Rule of Law’;

  • Critically applied in order to support development of innovative, breakout and classleading
  • Developed into deal-winning propositions that allow them to both compete, win and
    successfully deliver strategically, commercially and financially important deals
  • Ensuring they develop and maintain a decisive and significant competitive advantage
    in support of their ambitions and objectives
  • Ensuring they continue to build trust and confidence within their client, partner and
    supplier communities, as well as across the sector as a whole

We will do this through the utilisation of our exceptionally experienced,
knowledgeable and well connected members;

  • Deployed in bespoke teams, crafted to meet their exact requirements and that of the solution and the deal
  • Who understand our customers, their business and their solutions, requirements and
  • Who have intimate knowledge of the market, any competitors, their clients and
    prospective clients, plus the problem(s) they are trying to solve
  • We will do this in such a way that keeps them and their clients safe, confident and reassured

At Kabillion Global Advisory, our ultimate ambition is to see citizens, communities and users of public services receive the best possible quality of service and that these services are available, accessible, affordable and relevant.
Therefore, in order to achieve this ambition, we seek to ensure that the best possible industry solutions reach the market and the relevant buyers, regardless of size or reach of the company behind these offerings.

Value Proposition

At Kabillion Global Advisory we believe that;

  • With the turbulence of the police market
  • The breadth, depth and complexity of the police business
  • The challenges of continually evolving political and stakeholder management

it is neither (i) Efficient (ii) Effective (iii) Cost Effective (iv) Necessary nor (v) Desirable to have in-house “Subject Matter Experts” on your books, as even if it is considered “affordable” it does not give the best return for that investment.

With the exhaustive range of customers, requirements and solutions alongside the very nature and length of contracting in this space, Kabillion Global Advisory believe that to ensure maximum return, optimum value and the best outcomes, companies need to be far more granular around aligning expert individuals and their skills to specific goals and for designated durations along the lifecycle.

With the cost of carrying this level of granularity on your payroll being potentially prohibitive, Kabillion Global Advisory provide what it believes to be the best call-off police subject matter expertise and capability in the UK. Companies only buy in what skills they need when they need it; reducing overheads, keeping cost of sale/delivery down, whilst simultaneously driving effectiveness and outcomes up.

Examples of what we do

Kabillion Global Advisory has hand-picked the country’s best performing former policing, justice leaders & transformers, who carry exceptional knowledge and experience.

Bid Support

Providing bid support, from political mapping and stakeholder engagement to assisting with proposition design and submission through to producing vignettes, assisting with your enterprise architecture or developing your consortium and supply chain

Transformation Management

Undertaking delivery, from ‘work-packages’, through project management to full programme management.  We can support you from transition, through transformation implementation to business benefit identification and realisation

Solution Development

Working with you to develop, configure or align your products, services or solutions to current need, trends, requirements or ambitions

We have complemented this capability with Tier1 Public Sector Consultants, to provide a uniquely insightful and able capability.

For full details of our services see our ‘Service Summary’ & ‘Services Catalogue’

We can provide significant and decisive competitive advantage, in areas which include;

Market, Solution & Customer Analysis and Stakeholder Management

Market, Customer and Competitor insight, analysis and assessment.  We also provide political mapping, stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management services.

End-to-End Benefit Management

Identifying and calculating the business benefits of your solutions and assisting with pricing and pitch.  We also deliver benefit realisation support, both cashable & non-cashable and both efficiency & effectiveness

Proposal & Proposition Development

Developing and improving your narrative and your pitch to the sector, addressable market, targeted customer organisations and/or individual(s)

Examples Works

  • Solution Development & Stakeholder Management 46%
  • Bid Support & Proposal Development 34%
  • Transformational Delivery 20%

(i) Prioritising “Target Forces” for sales, solutions and marketing based on;

  • Policing & Crime Plan alignment
  • Cultural Fit
  • Available Financing
  • Necessity & Drivers in place – Internal (reputational/operational issue) or External (HMIC, Media or Serious Case Review)
  • Ability of Customer to recognise, identify and promote the value of the solution
  • Undertaking delivery, from programme or project management, through transition and transformation Access & Capability of customer to secure and land solution

(ii) Developing, Enhancing, Informing & Testing;

  • Products
  • Services
  • Solutions
  • Marketing & Business Development Approach
  • Sales Pitch

in the context of, and with the knowledge of both the organisational customer and the key individual influencers and buyers, as well as regional and national policing, HMIC & Home Office requirements.

(iii) Building “As is” Costed Models and (iv) Developing “Vision, Ideal State & Target Operating Models” either with the client, or internally for the company using replicated staff, knowledge, experience and understanding to;

  • Develop Proposals, narrative, marketing material and pitches/presentations
  • To inform bids, submissions and dialogue sessions
  • To create Business Benefits Case
  • To assist in pricing, and commercial models around ‘Risk & Reward’, ‘Gain Share’ or ‘Payment by Results’

(v) Crafting Narratives and Vignettes to place the proposed solution into the customers “Ideal State” and developing the customers recognition and requirement of it

(vi) Increasing companies knowledge of the proposed customer through exclusive insights from those who have both worked, led and inspected the force and/or the environments within it

(vii) Active & Pro-Active Political Mapping & Management and Stakeholder Engagement

We Provide

Excellent Insight, Advisory, Consultancy & Delivery Services for Private & Third Sector Organisations looking to deliver into, and/or improve existing provision of traditionally public-body provided products, services and solutions across ‘Policing’, ‘Justice’ & the ‘Rule of Law’

In doing so making it more accessible, affordable, efficient & effective than an in-house capability.

Services Summary

We deliver true value. enriching, advancing and accelerating your outcomes, through our knowledge, experience and abilities.

We help grow your capacity and capability whenever you need it;

  • Product, Services & Solution Design & Development
  • Whole-Market Insights
  • Addressable Market Identification & Valuation
  • Customer Insight
  • Target-Customer Relationship Acquisition
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Bid-Support
  • Confidential Partner & Supplier Development
  • Deployment & Delivery Support
  • Business Benefit Realisation Management
  • Inspection, Review & Independent Performance Analysis
  • Remediation & Correction Support

View our service catalogue.



Members of Kabillion Global Advisory have been selected based on their exceptional performance and leadership within and in support of policing, justice & the Rule of Law, across many years and jurisdictions. All have and maintain a great repertoire of skills, knowledge and experience, which continue to make a real difference to clients.

This capability is complemented with Tier1 Public Sector Management Consultants, to provide a uniquely powerful blend.

Each team is built and deployed based on you, your solutions, your intended customers and a range of factors that ensure we mirror, understand and can provide insights into your clients in order to ultimately maximise your solution, offering and delivery.

Our membership is wholly made up of former;

  • Police & Crime Commissioners
  • Deputy Police & Crime Commissioners
  • Chief Officers (all ranks & specialisms)
  • Senior Civil Servants
  • HMIC Lead Inspectors
  • IPCC Lead Investigators
  • NPIA Senior Leadership Trainers & Mentors
  • CPS Chief Crown Prosecutors
  • College of Policing Service Associates
  • Police CIO, Innovation & Transformation Leads
  • ACPO/NPCC National Business Area Leads & Advisors
  • Police Heads of Services (all areas)
  • CPS National Policy Leads
  • Cyber & Counter-Terrorism Commanders
  • Victim Support Programme Director
  • CrimeStoppers Trust Chairman
  • HM Government Policing Advisor
  • EU Member State Expert on Policing
  • International Academy of Policing Member
  • Policing & Public Service Academics, Lecturers & Social Researchers
  • Commonwealth Head of Investigations & Anti-Corruption
  • Ministry of Justice Programme Managers
  • Home Office Advisors
  • Chair of Police Misconduct Panels
  • Director of NHS Clinical Governance
  • Central Government Senior Enterprise Architects
  • Tier1 Management Consultants

Feedback on ‘Our Members’

astute and dynamic business operators
focus on reducing unnecessary and wasteful processes
focus on reducing unnecessary and wasteful processes
focusing on key priorities, cutting costs and becoming more efficient in the process
focusing on key priorities, cutting costs and becoming more efficient in the process
focusing on key priorities, cutting costs and becoming more efficient in the process
focusing on key priorities, cutting costs and becoming more efficient in the process
insightful and able to cut through the inevitable bureaucracy encountered in large organisations
can combine positive thinking , innovation and service delivery whilst producing peerless results
combines, drive, determination, intelligence, humour and perseverance

able to transform a good performing organisation into an excellent performing organisation, while managing a
complex portfolio of work

capable of leading and driving large scale organisational change programmes across a myriad of business platforms
a talent for innovation and a strong work ethic
endless energy and capacity for work
the capacity to absorb and grasp complex work
always chose the right solution for business
proving high standards of professionalism
incredibly talented

ability to identify improved ways of delivering services and the commercial opportunities that these transformational
changes could present

unique ability to think outside of the box and deliver solutions that others will later follow
outstanding talent for innovation and problem solving
appetite and capacity for work is seemingly endless
huge repertoire of learning and knowledge
able to transcend traditional cultural barriers and secure the widest possible support

innovative and ground breaking modelling of public/private/charitable sector solutions to provide operational and commercial benefits

visionary and can see a broad range of connections
calming and methodical…securing the confidence and support from even the most sceptical of staff
infectious innovators
insightful and refreshing
extremely professional astute and business focused

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